Getting there...

There will be parking available, please let me know if you intend to drive!
Uber - download the app and cross your fingers you get someone nice...
Hire cars
Another good option is likely to be a chauffeured hire car - these will need to be pre-arranged, however the drivers are generally really lovely and may be able to make multiple trips.  In my experience they are generally the same price as a cab.  

Try contacting one of the following companies a few days beforehand:

Belmont hire cars
1300 242 546 / (02) 4942 7668 -

Burbank hire cars 
(02) 4390 5043 / 0401 222 626  - - 

Newcastle hire cars  
Unfortunately, because the venue is a bit off the beaten track, it may be difficult to get home via a taxi without having pre-arranged one!  Try giving 132227 or 131008 a call beforehand, especially if you require a maxi taxi as these sometimes need to be booked 24 hours in advance.  Although, from past bad experiences they still may not turn up!

Mini bus

Because of the location, we are not organising a mini bus (sorry everyone) as logistically this would be a nightmare to organise and with the arrival of Miss Maia I just don't have time - however I know  that a number of guests will be staying at Rafferty's - it may be worth asking if the resort is able to assist with transport to the wedding :)

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